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07 November 2013 @ 06:59 pm
A whirlwind of a week  
It's only the 4th day in a week of 7 days, but already my week has been a whirlwind/rollercoaster/whatever term you want to use.

On Monday, I had to put my cat of 14 (almost 15) years down. He had been sick for a few days before I took him to the vet only to find out that he was suffering from both lung and heart failure. I wish I had noticed it earlier when he first started acting irregular but we aren't all blessed with hindsight.
Almost immediately after, I had to drive 2 hours to another college campus for information on a program that I want to enter. Of course, I was a mess the whole day but I got through my information meeting.
I still haven't even touched anything that I'm supposed to clean and put away from my cat. It's still too hard.

On Tuesday, I went to my class like usual and sometime around noon I received a call for a job to be a waitress at a local family restaurant. After the incident with my cat the day before I was starting to think everything was looking up. I went in that night for two hours and shadowed a little bit. I'd never been a waitress before so it was a little overwhelming but not nearly as stressful or headache-y as it was starting at the law office. Before I left I was told that on Wednesday I needed to do everything on my own.

Wednesday comes, I took my dad to get an endoscopy. The whole time I waited I played Pokemon X. What a fun game~! After that I went to the restaurant and shadowed the owner's wife and helped out a little bit, still in training. None of the chefs and including the dishwasher, only the owners and the waitresses spoke english. @__@ But the dishwasher was really sweet and showed me how to do a couple of things. Probably by the end of the shift I had about 1/3 of the information I needed to know down.

TODAY, however, was completely different. I went to class and after class I went to work. I was on my own a little bit more but I was still really freaked out about taking orders. Throughout the day, I kept asking questions and the wife was kind of avoiding answering me a little bit... I should have seen it coming. As my shift ended, I was called into the back and they told me they were letting me go. Their reasoning was that because I hadn't ever waitressed before, they were willing to take a chance. But I wasn't a fast enough learner for them. They asked for my shirt and apron back because they had found someone else to fill the position with more waitressing experience.

I'm okay with that. BUT my problem with the whole situation was why hire me, with no waitressing experience, only train me for 4 hours (without teaching me everything) and then expect me to be a fully competent waitress...? It makes no sense. I understand why they did it but honestly, I don't feel like I was given enough of a chance.

If anything, I walk away from this job experience knowing I'm not fit for waitressing and I just have to shrug it off because not everyone is made for every job.

I will probably hold the reward for the QUICKEST JOB FIRE EVER! in my family... probably forever!